Risk Coverage Certificate For Package Tours

Travel agents are obliged to provide insolvency protection (§ 651a ff German Civil Code (BGB)). This is generally described as client's money protection or an insurance voucher. As legally required, we are of course insured against the risk of insolvency, with the company tourVERS in Hamburg. We will send you an insurance voucher with your order confirmation/invoice. Please find below the translation of this insurance voucher, which you will receive in German with your booking confirmation:

Risk Coverage Certificate for Package Tours
Pursuant to § 651k of the Civil Code
Tour operator: Die Versteckte Toskana - Hidden Italy, owner Bettina Röhrig
Policy number: 11 30 29 13 20

This risk coverage certificate shall only be applicable to journeys commenced up to and including 31st December (year). The risk coverage certificate is not transferable. It shall be solely applicable to those travellers named in the booking confirmation overleaf.

The insurer covering for the clients' money named on the right (HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG, hereinafter referred to as HMR) guarantees for the tour operator named on the overleaf vis-à-vis the traveller that it will reimburse:

1. the tour price, provided that tour services are not rendered due to insolvency or institution of insolvency proceedings against the tour operator's assets, and
2. necessary expenses the traveller incurs for his/her return journey due to insolvency or institution of insolvency proceedings against the tour operator's assets.

The aforementioned liability of HMR shall be limited. HMR shall be liable for the total amounts to be reimbursed by it within one year up to and including an amount of EUR 110 million. If said total amount is insufficient for all travellers, the amount reimbursed shall be reduced according to the ratio of the total amount to the maximum amount. The reimbursement of any amounts due shall be effected at the end of the year (01.01. to 31.12) in which the claim has occurred.

Important Note: Please note the payment provisions of the organizer to deposit and final payment of the travel price. This insurance certificate shall expire on completion of the booked trip. 

If you have any queries, please contact this address.
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In the event of damage, please contact:
HanseMerkur Reiseversicherungs AG
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Phone: +49 40 / 53 79 93 60

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